Controlling the Nordic Season Smart Lights

Here are the control messages for the Nordic Season Smart Lights. Details about the lights can be found here (in Norwegian): Smart Light. The light must be connected to your WIFI and must be from 2016 or later. I have color coded the various parts of the message. The header is green, the function is orange […]

Subqueries in insert statements in SQL Server 2005 and 2008

If you are writing T-SQL code targeting SQL Server 2008 you might have written statements that resembles this: INSERT INTO Employee(Name, OrganisationId) VALUES(‘MyName’, (SELECT TOP 1 ID FROM Organisation WHERE Name = ‘MyOrganisation’ )) Now lets say that our T-SQL also has to run on SQL Server 2005. Nothing special here that should stop us from […]

$EXEDIR resolved to UNC path in NSIS

While testing a installer created using NSIS I came across a interesting problem the other day. While the installer worked perfectly on Windows XP it failed on Windows Vista and Windows 7. The reason was that the $EXEDIR variable was pointing to a mapped drive and on Windows Vista and Windows 7 this was automatically resolved […]