Unable to read message in XBox App or on Xbox.com?

Since update 11.12.9011.00000 of the Xbox App I have not been able to receive or send messages. The app just crashes when I go to messages. When trying to receive or send messages on Xbox.com I got the following message: “Uh oh… that shouldn’t have happended.” – “It appears you’ve found a glitch in the system. Please try again later.”

I suspected that the problem was caused by a system message from Xbox that was in my inbox. Unfortunately I was not able to delete this message on my Xbox One.

As a last resort I tried opening the old Xbox One Smartglass App. When going to message I noticed that it took a few seconds before it crashed. I was then able to delete the system message and when going back to the Xbox app and xbox.com messages were again showing as they should! YAY!